Remove Cat Urine, Vomit and Feces Stains and Odors

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UrineOut Powder

Specifically Formulated for Permanent Removal of Urine, Vomit or Feces Stains and Odors

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Our Price $

Our Price $

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UrineOut Powder is Easy!
Only 4 Simple Steps!

Lightly apply the Soil Release Pre-Spray to the soiled carpet, mattress, furniture, etc. The Soil Release Pre-Spray breaks up heavier dried-in pet urine stains, and enhances the ability of the Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder to absorb dirt and soil, and remove dried-in pet urine stains.


Apply the Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder into the soiled area containing the pet urine.


Simply brush the UrineOut Powder deep into the soiled area. The powder does all the work by absorbing the pet urine stains & odors.


Then simply vacuum out the pet urine stain & odor laden powder, and the urine stains & odors are gone!

It doesn't get any easier. Or cleaner.

What if... you could easily ABSORB all that dry cat urine, and simply vacuum it out? Therefore, FINALLY removing the urine completely from your carpet!

Loop Berber Carpet




Medium Cut Pile Carpet



Why does Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder work with the vacuum?

Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder WORKS!

Its microscopic "sponges" are filled with a special pet stain and odor removal solution. You simply work the powder down deep into your carpet, mattresses, upholstery, and even hardwood floors and concrete. You let the worked-in powder stand while it "sponges up" pet urine stains and odors. Then, you simply vacuum the urine laden dry powder out. It's that simple!



Because Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder is a DRY cleaning process, you have no risk of water damage to the fabric. It's simple and easy to use! Just vacuum the urine stains right out of the fabric!!

Frequently Asked

Why the Smells No-More and the No-P if the UrineOut Powder removes the odors?
When used properly, we completely and unabashedly guarantee UrineOut Powder as the best solution to completely remove urine stains and odors. But as you probably know by now, urine is persistent, and animals can smell up to 100,000 times better than humans. So in the event that trace amounts of urine was missed, as an added precaution we recommend using Smells No-More Odor Eliminator to encapsulate any lingering "scents" in the area, which will prevent repeat urination. As the final step, use the No-PT Housebreaking Aid to deter your pet from the areas altogether, discouraging the habit to go there again.



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